Mandy Steele is a London-based casting director, experienced in drama and brands.

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Mandy has been casting since 2002. Prior to this she worked at the European Script Fund (development financing) and the Motion Picture Corporation of America (sales & acquisitions).

She has cast for commercials (BT, Brains Bitter, Mission Hills), corporates (Volvo, Pfizer, DeLoitte, NHS Training), shorts (BAFTA nominated Talking With Angels), features (Bilby, Giantland, Cruel Peter, Infinite Justice, Twice Shy), and broadcast (BBC Education, Open University).

She is a BAFTA, CDA (Casting Directors Association) and WFTV member.

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Mandy has a great passion for film and television storytelling. She has always done a great deal of research for each project and is very supportive to film-makers, with a most collaborative and helpful approach.
(DR Hood, feature director at Likely Story)

Mandy is amazing .. she's not just a really talented casting director but she also puts the work in. She did not stop until we had the cast we needed. Very safe hands. I could not recommend her more highly!
(Yousaf Ali Khan, feature director)

From the get-go on our project, Mandy was a consummate professional. As a perfectionist myself, it is not always easy to delegate but Mandy made it easy by caring as much about my project as I did. Her commitment to securing the right cast for the project reflected her extremely high level of professionalism and commitment to helping ensure the project reached its full potential.
(Charlotte Mikkelborg at Picture This Productions)



Bilby, directed by Cyrus Mirzashafa, produced by Thulsa Doom, starring Clive Russell, Sue Johnston, Louis Emerick and Laura Checkley. An ice cream man living a quiet life goes in search of his lost love.

Cruel Peter, a RAI-funded horror feature shot in Italy; here's the poster and trailer. Streaming on Amazon UK. A young girl unleashes the evil spirit of Peter when she tries to communicate with her deceased mother.

Giantland, directed by twice-BAFTA nominated Yousaf Ali Khan, co-written by Andrew Porter. She cast extensively to find the lead 10-year-old boy, the young girl next door, and 3 young adult roles. Set in England, Giantland is about a boy's search for the dad he never knew.

Do As I Say, directed by Ana Pio, produced by Andrea Land, starring Angela Yeoh, Julia Haworth, Amanda Bright and Ryan Reffell. A once gifted performer approaching middle age clashes with her now jaded star pupil.

Hund. A hard-hitting short drama about divorce from a child's POV. Cast: Reggie Absolom, Katharina Sellner, Tim Bettsworth, Sarah Whitehouse.

Clergymen Cast: Kieran O’Brien (Chernobyl) and Adam Young (Masters of the Air). A dark comedy about two henchmen nearing the end, w/d Ted Clarke, w – William Gillies, p – Ian Henry, Nikki Gherardi.

The Last Kick (Trailer) producer/director James Skinner, writer Ben Marshall, co-producer Tamara Day, starring Jay Taylor (PRIME SUSPECT 1973), Michael Bertenshaw (THE CROWN) and introducing Brooke Hart (National Theatre LOVE), A troubled man confronts his former abuser but risks a bright future with his daughter.

Persistence w/d Leo DeHaan, producer Barbara Maria Hauser, a thriller filmed entirely on a boat about fathers and sons, starring Aneirin Hughes (KEEPING FAITH 1, 2 & 3), and also featuring Lachlan McCall (LAW AND ORDER : UK), Davoud Rastgou (DEEP STATE) and Ali Ariaie (THE GREAT, s2).

The Yearning (youtube), w/d Isabel Anderton, producer Christine Hartland, a young girl runs away to find her long-lost dad in a circus, starring Barry Ward (THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD, JIMMY'S HALL) and Isis Hainsworth (RED ROSE, METAL LORDS (Netflix)), and also featuring Romanian actors Gabriel Mansour and Bianca Buha. A one shot film as part of Challenge Trinity 2019 sponsored by Directors UK and Arri.

Neat Cleats, micro short. Writer/director/producer A D Cooper for Hurcheon Films, casting Dan Cooke and Louise Dalton who combined multiple physical skills with comic acting.
Corporate for Volvo - director Norman Tamkivi (imdb), producer Josh Goode, Line Up Communications Ltd, cast a combination of scandi, caucasian, asian and black actors.

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